Project Description

📢 “Land O’ Lakes Venture 37″ – “Safety and Quality investment Livestock” – Supporting modern standards implementation in Live stock – farming
🔻🔻🔻 Project is carried out along with all the preventive actions against COVID 19 !!!
👉 new location – BAKHMARO,mountian of PAPARA
👉Training is carried out by LTD Geovet, along with Agri consulting group “Agri Service”
👉 Project covers important topics for Farmers as follow ⤵️
✅ Economic efficiency of farmers registration
✅ Proper application of Veterinary medicines and healthy animal products
✅ Animal productivity boost with valuable feeding
✅ Animal selection
✅ Up to date programs and applications usage in the Agri Business
✅ Blog – “Agronavti” introduction and usage in the Practice
🔻Project is funded by USDA and implements “Land O’ Lakes Venture 37” along with partnership of “Georgian farmers association” (GFA)