HIPROSAN – Productivity-enhancing nutritional supplement

Composition: cotton and extract of biologically active plant cultures

Package: 100 ml. 1 l. 20 l



Composition: cotton and extract of biologically active plant cultures

Biological properties: Hiprosan is a dark-colored, odorless oral solution obtained by extraction from cotton and other plant crops. Hiprosan is used to increase productivity and stimulate growth in farm animals, poultry and fish. It improves the quality of milk (fat content) and daily intake, increases the average daily weight gain of meat, reduces the cost of feed per unit of production, increases the percentage of eggs in laying birds, ensures the survival of the young and a high level of assimilation of nutrients, stimulates the metabolism process. “Hiprosan” does not contain genetically modified components, chemical additives, non-pathogenic and non-toxic.

Usage and dosage: “Hiprosan” – can be taken with drinking water or food (loose and granulated), daily

Pigs, sheep, goats, goats – 1 ml / 15 kg of live weight or 1 ml / 1.5 liters of drinking water

Cattle: dairy – 1 ml / 20 kg of live weight, beef – 1 ml / 25 kg of live weight

Poultry – 1 ml / 1-2 L with drinking water or 1 L / 500 kg of food

In fish – 2 ml / 1 kg of feed or 20 ml / 100 kg of live weight of fish for 15 days

Compatibility and Contraindication :    Compatible with all food ingredients, medicinal preparations and other nutritional supplements. Contraindications were not detected in the prescribed doses

Storage conditions: Store in a dry place, protected from light and inaccessible to children, at a temperature of 10-20°C.


2 years from production


100 ml. 1 l. 20 l


Geovet LLC, Georgia

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