MARILURI- complex of water-soluble minerals

Package: 500gr



A complex of water-soluble minerals;

Composition: g / 100 g: Ca-3.53; Mg- 1.02; Br-0.43; K-0.96; Nd-0.05; Te-0.13; I-012; Cs-0.04; Ba-0.02; Pr-0.02; 0.08; La-0.018; V-0.005; Cr-0.018; Sc-0.07; Mn-0.005; Hg-0.005; Fe-0.006; Ti-0.04; Tl-0.004; Co-0.003; Bi-0.003; Ni-0.003; Hf-0.003; Ta-0.002; W- Zn-0.002; Pb-0.001; Rb-0.001; Sr-0.001; Nb-0.001; As-0.001;

Preparation form: soluble powder Norms of use 1 gr. 1 l. On the water

  • Growth of the root system;
  • Increase in vegetative mass;
  • Improving the quality of the fruit;
  • Increase infertility;
  • Increase disease resistance;
  • Prevention of latent hunger;

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