POVMED – Disinfectant Solution

COMPOSITION: Povidone iodine 100 mg (active iodine 10 mg)

Package: 1 l, 100 ml, 5 l



COMPOSITION: Povidone iodine 100 mg (active iodine 10 mg)

INDICATION: POVMED, can be used in different dilutions for general disinfection purposes for animal shelters (poultry-houses, stables, sheep-folds), incubation facilities and equipments, farm equipments, transport vehicles, meat and milk processing plants, for drink- and usage water disinfection of food process plants; for deodorising. Asepsis in injection and operation areas before surgical operations, cleaning of pathogen microorganisms from skin and mucoza lesions, feet, between nails and udder. For cleaining of hands and arms before recto-vaginal examination to prevent any infections.

Usage and dosage:

In the absence of incubator, inventory, farm, vehicles, tires, disease – 1L / 100 – 400 liters

In case of diseases of the lower limbs, skin, 1 liter per 40 liters

Against viruses, fungi, bacteria and in case of diseases – 1 liter/30 liters

In the farm with living organisms using the dew method for air disinfection 100 ml / 5 liters

Storage conditions:

Store at room temperature, in a dry, cool place


2 years after production


1 l, 100 ml, 5 l


Medicavet, Turkey

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