Solid surface disinfectant – SOLIKLOOR



Ingredients: NaDCC 5 g.

Use: Disinfectant for solid surfaces.

(2 tablets dissolved in 10 liters of water)

Quantity: 300 pills




Sodium troclosen, adipic acid, sodium carbonate. Active chlorine – not less than 46% – 1.5 g of active chlorine in 1 tablet

Microbiological effectiveness:

Surface disinfectant -solichloride is a bactericide, viruricide, fungicide and sporicide. Tested in accordance with the following European standards: EN 13727: 2012, EN 14561: 2006, EN 13624: 2013, EN 14562: 2003, EN 14348: 2005, 13704: 2002, DVV / RKI: 2008

pH 6.5 ,5 0.5 at 200 ° C in 1.0% aqueous solution


Disinfectant for buildings, transport, medical supplies and corrosive materials, detergents, cleaning equipment and medical waste before sanitary, prophylactic and final disinfection before disposal.

Disinfection area:

For disinfection of glass, painted wood, polymer construction and facing materials surfaces (buildings, transport rigid furniture) on epidemiologically important facilities in all areas of the living environment.

Medical supplies, laboratory and dining utensils, laundry. In the centers of sanitary-technical equipment, cleaning materials, infectious diseases, in all profiles (surgical and dental departments, maternity hospitals, biochemical, immunological, virological and bacteriological laboratories, donor points, blood transfusion points and pathological-anatomical departments) For current, final and prophylactic disinfection of children’s facilities for disinfection of bacterial (including candidiasis), fungal (including candidiasis, dermatomycosis) and viral etiologies.

Before disposing of contaminated materials, medical waste and disposable medical items

Usage and dosage:

Disinfection of medical items, patient care items, dishes and inventory by means of wetting method, disinfection of infected materials, medical waste and disposable items for medical purposes. Disinfection of surfaces in buildings during ongoing disinfection:

4 pills 10 l. Exposure to water for 60 minutes

4 pills 4 l. Exposure to water for 15 minutes


It is recommended to use protective gloves and goggles for the hands during the work process.

Follow elementary safety standards

Within minutes of contact with eyes

EUH031 releases toxic gases upon contact with acids

It is essential to provide fresh air to the affected person during inhalation.

When in contact with the skin, it is necessary to rinse the skin with running water, when swallowing, it is recommended to rinse the mouth with water and drink plenty of water

If necessary, consult a doctor

Storage conditions:

Store at a temperature of 5-350C, in a dry, dark ventilated building, away from food, beverages, moisture source, flammable and flammable substances


300 tablets in 1 kg polymer jars

Shelf life:

3 years from the date of manufacture


Baltichem, Estonia

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