Salad “Lollo Rossa” 0.05 gr

Weight: 0.05 gr




Category- Elite;

Maturity group – early variety;

Vegetation period (from planting to harvest) —- 35-40 days.

Form – Medium-sized dark red bushes;

Size – the size of the bush 350 gr,

Harvest period -Early spring-summer

Variety – designed for multi-purpose use;

Not subject to flowering; Long shelf-life;

It is recommended to plant after freezing;

You need periodic watering and loosening;

Attractive appearance;

Suitable for open and closed ground.

Sowing depth: 1-2 cm. ;

Purpose – live consumption, to decorate dishes as Ornamental plant;

Maintains quality for a long time;

Has a high yield, commodity type;

Is distinguished by a particularly high content of vitamins;

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