SI – Immunomodulator

PACKAGE : 250ML ,100ML




silicon 3%, higher plant extract 45%, water-soluble concentrate; Liquid fertilizer based on extracts of plants and algae with silicon,                               chitosan, betaine, induction and activation properties of immunity. Has fungicidal action.

PACKAGE : 250ML ,100ML

  • Preparations based on natural non-specific eliminators are non-toxic to humans and safe for the environment;
  • Induces systemic resistance in plants by activating the signal transduction pathway for viruses, bacteria and fungi;
  • Increases plant resistance to both biotrophic and necrotrophic pathogens;
  • Increases plant resistance to cucumber mosaic virus, tomato – bacteriosis, cucumber – anthracnose and leaf angular bacterial staining, powdery mildew, ash;
  • The drug effectively protects wheat, rice, citrus, cotton, pepper, cucumber, fruit and grape plants from fungal, viral and bacterial diseases;
  • The full development of persistence usually occurs 3-5 days after the use of the drug and lasts for several weeks or even throughout the season;
  • Plays an important role in plant resistance to drought, drought, frost;
  • Enhances the strength of plant cells; Increases plant resistance to bacterial diseases and adverse climatic conditions;
  • Has a pronounced fungicidal action;

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