VIAMIN – Vitamin Mineral Premixes

Packaging: 100ml, 1l.


Mineral + Amino acid

Oral Solution


Per liter:

Phosphorus 73g Manganese 0.582g
Calcium 30.69g Cobalt 0.228g
Sodium 1.573g Zinc 0.623g
Magnesium 3.192g Copper 0.238g
Potassium 1.048g DL-Methionine 10g
Iron 1.583g Lysine 5g


Mineral and amino acid deficiencies in animals due to nutritional and physiological reasons, in cases of disease and stress, in cases of development in young animals and in need of these substances in pregnant animals, in cases of increased productivity such as meat, milk and eggs, to meet the increasing mineral needs, in cases of diarrhea and dehydration, to provide resistance against diseases. It is used for treatment and preventive purposes to accelerate the development of young animals, to prevent the loss of mineral substances that occur after moulting in poultry, and to strengthen the egg shell.

Administration dose:

Unless otherwise recommended by the Veterinarian;

It is prepared fresh every day in drinking water and used orally.

Drug Residue Withdrawal Time (I.KAS):

It is “0” day for meat, milk and eggs.


It is presented in 100 ml, 1 liter plastic bottles.

Producer: Turkey

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