DEU – Antiperspirant, sunscreen.

Package: 250ml



Ingredients: Natural antiperspirant, water-soluble concentrate, designed to protect the plant from high temperatures and drought, as well as to prevent post-transplant stress. Composed of: silicon -10%, resins of plant origin (plum, cherry) -90%.

Norms of use: 1 ml. 4 liters of water

  • Reduces the loss of moisture by plants, while the plant does not close the mouth and does not interfere with the normal respiration of plants.
  • Seedlings and seedlings treated with Deu are characterized by excellent joy when transplanting – gives a high potential for plant growth;
  • Increase in quantitative and qualitative indicators of the crop; Does not require special equipment to enter;
  • Safe for humans and the environment (Class IV Toxicity);
  • Early ripening of berries, fruits, vegetables, improvement of taste properties;
  • Protect the fruit from sunburn and sunburn; Improved portability of the harvest and shelf-life;
  • Deu-treated fruit tastes better and is more juicy;
  • Under the influence of “Deu” the fruit ripens a few days earlier;
  • The skin of the fruit treated with Deu becomes firmer;
  • Weight loss is much lower when storing Dew-treated fruit;

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