ENERGI – Strengthening the Growth Process

Package:100ml, 1l, 20l



Stimulation of outgrowth, intensification of the growth process Ingredients: algae Scytosiphon lomentaria, Cystoseira barbata, Cystoseira crinita Duby, Sambúcus nígra higher plant Sambúcus nígra kontsentrirebili extract -450 g / l, a soluble concentrate, a liquid fertilizer composed pitohormonebis, biomolekulebs, biopolymers, carbohydrates, kopaktorebsa and algae extracts as well as an important endogenous hormones it, Mainly belonging to the cytokinin class, energy algae are brown algae – the most concentrated source of nutrients and plant proteins known to the world. Energy helps to activate the process of plant growth, excess production of chlorophyll, overcoming stress factors, the formation of female sexual flowers and the reception of a large number of shoots;

Norms of use: 1 ml. 2 liters of water

  • Algae extracts act as a catalyst for cellular metabolism and stimulate growth hormones;
  • Early flowering and better fruit quality are noted after use;
  • Contains a variety of micronutrients in the form of naturally occurring chelating complexes;
  • Prevents latent nutrient deficiencies;
  • Stimulates the synthesis of antioxidants and other chemical compounds that increase plant resistance to various pests, diseases and physical stress;
  • When combined with fertilizers and plant protection products, they increase their effectiveness;
  • Increases the number of outbreaks in the plant; Stimulates the process of active growth;
  • Increases shrubs; Increases chlorophyll production;
  • Increases plant resistance to adverse climatic conditions;

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