BIO- Seed germination, stimulation of the root system

Package: 250 ml



Composition: Algae Callithamnion Lyngb. , Ceramium ciliatum and higher plant Vaccinium arctostaphylos extract-400 g / l; Preparation form: soluble concentrate

Norms of use: 1 ml. 2 liters of water

  • Is a systemic regulator of growth, based on natural growth hormone.
  • Due to the natural ratio and configuration of auxins and cytokines 400: 1 in the algae included in the preparation, the foliar use of Bio gives a strong impetus to the growth of the plant root system.
  • The growth of the plant root system further ensures the active growth of the aboveground mass.
  • The drug increases the resistance of plants to diseases, drought, water-saturated soil, low temperatures.
  • The use of algae extract on the leaf, stimulates plant growth and development, prevents the fall of flowers and fruits, and also activates the underground parts of plants – improves root branching and increases the absorption of substances.
  • The effectiveness of the bio composition is precisely calculated for the root system, which leads to the proper development of the whole plant.

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