Package: 250ml , 100ml



Adhesive Ingredients:

Multifunctional natural adjuvant, composed of resins of plant origin (cedar and peach) -100%. Water-soluble concentrate, designed to protect and prolong the action of fertilizers, fungicides and pesticides and increase efficiency.

Norms of use: 1 ml. 4 liters of water

  • Improves the microbiality of the working solution;
  • Evenly distributes the working solution on the leaf surface;
  • Allows to prolong the period of effective exposure to pesticides and nutrients;
  • Improve the equality of pesticide distribution in the plant;
  • Reduces the likelihood of dripping by the wind and leaching of the working solution by precipitation;
  • Improves the conditions for the introduction of plant protection products and nutrients;
  • Allows to reduce the amount of water in the working solution without losing the effect of the drug;
  • The formation of a thin train appendage on the plants prevents the working solution from being washed away by the rain;
  • Allows the introduction of plant protection products and nutrients even before the forecast rainfall;
  • Allows us to reduce the consumption rates of pesticides by 20-30%, and reduce the frequency of plant treatment with pesticides by more than two times;
  • It is ecologically safe. Does not pollute the environment.
  • Can be used in combination with biological and chemical protection preparations;

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