Nutricalf Premium

Packaging: 25 kg.


NutriCalf Premium milk replacer for calves from the 4th day of life.

Purpose and features:  Intended to replace cow’s milk for calves from the 3rd day of their life, immediately after watering with croques.

Composition, indicators, features: ( g/kg): raw proteins – 230; green fat – 180; green fiber – 0.1%; macro-micro elements: Ca, P, Zn, Zn (chelate), Cu, Cu (chelate), Fe, Mn, Mn (chelate), J, Se, Se (chelate), Co, Mg, vitamins – A, D , E, probiotics, essential oils. The produced milk substitute not only provides the calf with necessary nutrients (proteins, fats), but also contains the necessary amount of micro-macro elements and vitamins. Probiotics improve digestion, resorption of nutrients, support good intestinal microflora, and when the balance is disturbed, restore it – thus preventing diarrhea.

Production and dosage: 120 g of milk powder is dissolved in one liter of 70 C° water. Cool the prepared mixture to a temperature of 37-39 C°. Heard twice a day. The daily norm is 3-4 liters. From the age of 10-14 days, it is switched to drinking “Nutricalf standart” milk substitute.

Packaging: 25 kg.

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