NutriCalf Start

Packaging: 25 kg.


Nutricalf Start is a great start and a guaranteed result. NutriCalf Start milk replacers for calves from the 7th day of life are a balanced milk replacer with wide application. This product contains 90% dairy products. NutriCalf Start milk replacers are of high quality and have good water solubility. The

BioPlus® YC strengthening complex included in the composition is used as an additional means to enrich the intestinal microflora with probiotic bacteria. NutriCalf Start has an excellent energy balance thanks to the content of milk sugar, as well as coconut and palm fats, which are easily absorbed and easily digested.

Nutricalf Start contains coconut and palm oil, which weaken the development of harmful bacteria in the digestive tract, improve the absorption of nutrients and perfectly restore the health of the calf.

Packaging: 25 kg.

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